Allow PM to allow or stop notifications when assigning tasks


When laying out a project, it is helpful to assign tasks to resources as you build them on the first go-around. After, I need to look at resource leveling to ensure I’m not over-booking, which may lead to either reassigning tasks to other resources or moving the task in the timeline.

What has been annoying is that Asana sends out notifications once the task is assigned. I love push notifications, but I want to control when they are actually sent, if at all. Having the ability not to send out notifications while the project is being planned out would stop sending notifications out prematurely, which does cause confusion for our teams.

Thoughts to enhance the product:

  1. For each task assignment, add a pop-up or something to ask if the notification should be sent out. If no is checked, then send nothing.
  2. Once the plan has been done, have an option to send out notifications to the team. Could be a generic one asking them to log in and review the plan and their task assignments.

Thank you!


Hi @Kevin_Murphy :wave:

Welcome to the forum community! If I am understanding your comment correctly, there may be a couple of ways to handle this. During initial project set-up, you can decide how/what notifications project collaborators receive, for that specific project. When you click “share” to add other members, the pop-up has a Members tab, where notification settings live for each person.

And/or, you can add a rule that will notify project members once the project is ready to access. By creating a “project start” task (trigger) for example, to generate a message (action) to the collaborators you wish to add.

This thread may be helpful as well. How to set notifications ONLY when a task is assigned to a member



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