Allow for tracking of related, but independent tasks in a project

Let’s say we have a feature called “Login.”
To implement it we have 3 stories, one for each below team:
A) Implement login on Android (Android Team)
B) Implement login on Ios (Ios Team)
C) Implement backend changes (Server Team)

both story A) and B) are dependent on story C), but both A) and B) are independent of each other. If we are able to release, say the A) Android and C) Server story, but B)iOs is still in progress. What would be the easiest way to see what got released and what didn’t?

Welcome, @seva.safyan,

The best answer to your question would depend on context, but one possible solution would be a task “Login” with A, B, and C as subtasks. Mark each complete independently.

Though perhaps for your specific question “what got released?” you need to treat A, B, and C specifically as development tasks only, and you’d need to add more subtasks for integration, and/or testing, and/or release for each of Android and iOS.

Hope that helps,



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