Allow for setting billable rates for users on the profile and project level

I work at a Consulting firm and I attempting to evangelize Asana for it’s ability to be our one-stop shop for managing the firm and it’s projects, both non-billable and billable. However, with time tracking, it would be great to be able to set the billable rates for a user working on a project at both their profile level (so it can be available universally for projects that are marked as billable, as well as on a per project level so that we can customize per client project. This would then make calculating hours spent on the tasks easy to calculate and then rollup in Portfolios so we can track time spent against remaining budget. It would help to solve a lot of problems and help to move away from the constant straddling between systems that consulting firms need to do between their project and task management software and their resourcing software.

The same here. What is preventing both Asana and Clickup from assigning biling rates to the People? Why hasn’t it been done before.
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@pdmcdermott & @Roman_Yamchshikov - agreed that this would be a very intriguing feature. As a potential workaround, if you are on an Enterprise or higher plan, perhaps you could consider getting creative with rules in bundles. You could have a rule that triggers on Task is added to this project or Assignee is set/changed, condition on each person, and then set a custom # field with their rate. Then, apply this bundle to billable projects.

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