Allow deprovisioned members' names to remain on completed tasks & subtasks



After deprovisioning a guest or member, Asana removes the name from all tasks and subtasks to which they had been assigned… even if those have been marked complete. It also does not allow us to search for tasks which this person had been responsible for completing in the past! That is completely absurd and illogical.

Why do you think that when someone is removed from the organization, we should no longer have the ability to see what tasks had been assigned to them, or see their name in subtasks within tasks where multiple people had been working?

This created a big mess for us when I did this for two former staff before noticing this nonsense.

I’ve never seen such a blatant disregard for best practices in any app which I have used. There’s simply no excuse or justification for it.

Why not keep their name and searchability in the system, but replace their avatar with an “X”, make it opaque or greytone, or something else to clearly indicate that they’re no longer active in the organization?


Hi @Brian_Cafeina

A good workaround for this would be to tag all of the tasks assigned to the individual before deprovisioning them. That way, if you ever want to see their tasks, you can just search any tasks that bear their name tag.


Hi !

I deprovisioned someone today and all of is tasks has been assigned to a project “[member’s name]'s previously assigned tasks”.
Can’t this mecanism help you continue to track their work ? (including search)