Allow date to be removed from a task in list view



Presently you can change a date, set or edit a start/due date, and set a task to repeat in the task list view, but you cannot remove the due date entirely.

Removing the due date requires opening each task, which is inefficient when you need to repeat the process many times.


You can multi select all the tasks for which you want to remove the due dates.
Then you click on “Due date” and click on “Done”. This erases all the due dates in just a few clicks.
Hope that helps.


I’ve tried this many times and it only removes the date from the first task.


I’ve just tried again and it works for me, thus I can’t explain why it doesn’t work for you.
I guess @Alexis or the support may help you.


Just to add a second confirmation, I’ve also tried multi-selecting and removing the dates, and it worked for me. Looks like a technical issue. Hope you manage to get it fixed.


Doesn’t work for me either.


Doesn’t work for me either. Like Kelli said, it’s inefficient. Especially at subtask level!
You should consider to implement a bulk date remove shortcut for tasks AND subtasks :slight_smile: