Allow Daily Summary to be sent during weekend too

When I check that I want to receive “Daily Summary” emails from Asana, I expect to receive them literally on the daily, including weekends.

Otherwise I would expect the feature to be named “Weekday Summary”. I find no information in the documentation saying that weekends are excluded.

Perhaps it is a silent assumption that most users wouldn’t want weekends to be included because they use Asana for work. But personally, I use Asana for personal project management and in fact the weekends are the most important time I need a daily summary email.

In particular, because I have 21 different Workspaces, it can be really difficult to discover my priorities for the day.

Of course I can always just refer to Friday’s update email, but it’s not ideal.

Hi @Douglas_Blumeyer and welcome to the Forum! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us and for taking the time to provide us with some context, we really appreciate it.

You’re correct, as it stands daily summary are only sent during weekdays. I’ve reached out to the Team looking after our Guide and asked them to update this article to clarify that these updates aren’t currently available at the weekend. I don’t believe this is in our near-term plan but I’ll be sure to update this thread as soon as I have some updates internally!

Have a great Monday :slight_smile:

Plus one to this. Tasks don’t go to sleep over the weekend. The Daily Summary used to cover these as well, but no more. It’s very difficult to keep track of what’s due in the absence of the summary email.

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