Allow custom Reminder Notification Dates

Hi there
Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think I can choose custom time for the reminder notification emails (it will be 7 days before due date, 1 day before due date, on due date, etc.). In my org, some tasks tend to require reminders more or less early than others; for example for a contract renewal task it would be nice to have a reminder maybe 2 weeks or 1 mo before because it is the time it’d take for us to renew the contract internally before it expires. Would it be possible to include custom reminder time lapse for specific projects and/or tasks?
If I’ve missed it and this is possible already, would love to know how!

Hi @Beatrice_Leydier and welcome to the forum :wave:t3: You’re right, as it stands, it is not possible to customise email reminders; hopefully this is something we can implement in the future! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us, we will make sure to take it onboard when we’ll start working on email notification improvements!

@Beatrice_Leydier you could use Start Dates and End Dates.
Set the Start Date for when you want the reminder re the Task so you get the notification and it will appear in your Inbox
Send the End Date being when the task is actually due…


How is a critical feature this simple not possible on Asana?? It’s a no-brainer to implement this. How can I vote on this feature so it gets done?

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I think the workaround @Jason_Woods mentioned would work when the calendar/timeline feature isn’t being used or not as important, but this feature would be really beneficial for users because it allows for a notification only. By adjusting start date to be notification date, you lose the project’s actual timeline. And yes, one could just “reset” the start/due dates after getting the notification, but what if I forget to do it and the task doesn’t show up on the actual due date? Because I can definitely see that happening :sweat_smile: