Allow Conversations to be automatically displayed next to the Project task list


We don’t use Conversations at all. It would be useful however, if when a project is selected the conversations tab opened alongside the list of tasks. It could then disappear when a task is selected. That way a conversation about the project is visible when you go into the project. The current screen has lots of empty space when the project is selected (see screenshot attached)


Great idea, @Rob_Nabney. I would love to use conversations instead of emails, but none of my team understands how the feature works, or sees much point in it. Having it up front might make a difference.


Totally agree that Conversations could be made more front-of-mind… somehow… there’s got to be a way. The reality is that you’re right, @Mark_Hudson - users just don’t “get it” and so it is very underutilized, at least at our organization.


Thank you so much for the great suggestion @Rob_Nabney; I have gone ahead and modified the title of this thread so it better reflect your idea; hope that’s ok!