Allow a task owner to delete comments



We use Asana for reoccurring planners. For instance, we have many holiday preparation tasks that we check off each year and then revive them the following year to use all over again.

The issue we have come up with is that we now have a couple of years worth of old comments that need to be cleaned out and we want task owners to be responsible for that but they don’t have the capability to delete comments. The comment owner has to do it and some of them aren’t around any longer.


There is another post on this subject suggest searching for it and adding your vote to the feature request.


I looked but couldn’t find it. Can you please point me to the comment you are referring to? There are suggestion around editing comments (a lot of those) but nothing specific about being able to delete other users’ comments. Please provide specific reference to the other post so I don’t have to go searching.


@Matt_Thompson The one most relevant for you would probably be;