Allow a filter on rules to only run under certain conditions

Looks like similar suggestions a couple of years ago were closed, but being able to set a condition on a rule so that it only fires under certain circumstances would be great.

Use case:

  1. Project A has a rule that when a task is created in the project it automatically assigns to User A
  2. Task is created in project B, assigned and being worked by User B.
  3. Task is recognized as having impact on project A and is multi-homed or moved entirely into Project A.
  4. Rule on Project A fires, and reassigns the task.


  • Configure the rule to only run if there is no current assignee.

This is, of course, a single use case, but assigning based on a custom field, creating a subtask depending on a tag, moving to a section based on some other criteria… all these and more.

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