Workload is great to see the tasks people are working in, but I’d like to see who’s working at each project.
I think the best place for this feature would be the “Team” page.
Today I have overview, conversations and calendar at that page, but I want to have a one-pager view of my team’s allocation on my projects.

Something like this.

Hi @Leggero, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Since Workload can show data from different Projects across multiple Teams, it is currently located outside of of the Team page, but that’s a great suggestion and I completely understand your point. It would be great to have a “dedicated” Workload tab in the Team page showing capacity within specific Teams.

I have noted your feedback on my end as well. The Workload feature is relatively new, and our Developers are interested in all feedback received for future improvements. :slight_smile:

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