💡 All the Asana automations we built for our clients

As an Asana user, I have a superpower: I know how to code and use the Asana API to (virtually) make Asana do anything :slightly_smiling_face: we use that power for our clients and ourselves daily!

I figured it would be nice to list all the automations we created for them (and ourselves) to inspire you to either build it yourself or reach out! I tried to give them cool names ^^

:droplet: the invoice raindown: in our Asana, we have one task per client and each one holds their name, country, language, address… we created an automation to have this information copied down (hence the raindown) to subtask below (like quotes and invoices).

:fire: the priority wizard: many of our projects have a custom field “Priority” with a single value “High” and when a task has this value, our automation adds a fire emoji to its name so we see the priority from the My Tasks view directly.

:unicorn: the iDO animals: we attached an animal to each client based on their potential (unicorn for big potential, lion for interesting potential…) and we have an automation appending the animal to the client task, and project as well!

:space_invader: the personal tasks: my own Asana pro account is used to host private and personal tasks; and I created an automation to append an alien emoji to any personal tasks, allowing me to distinguish them from the other tasks.

:framed_picture: the embed hack: when Asana introduced read-only views for projects, many users wanted to embed that view on their website but Asana prevented that behaviour; we created a code to allow for a read-only view to be embedded anywhere.

:calendar: the meeting renamer: a client of ours is showing meeting tasks on their calendar, but they were lacking the project name in the meeting name so we created an automation appending the project name to those tasks.

:arrow_heading_up: the portfolio filler: a client of ours is using Workload and needed all projects to be added to a master portfolio, our automation does it automatically, saving them mistakes and hours of work per year.

:heavy_multiplication_x: the calculator: Asana does not have formulas for custom fields so we created it ourselves and are using it everywhere!

:mechanic: the butler: our client needed to do several actions when a Hubspot deal was closed (create a project based on a template, add the project to a portfolio, fill several fields) and our automation allows them to do those actions with a simple Zapier action calling our code.

:moneybag: the accountant: our client computes how long a task takes, and assigns them to specific roles; thanks to custom fields they decide what’s the rate of each role, allowing our automation to compute the exact cost of each task as well as consolidating a sum at the portfolio level!

:houses:the subtask wizard: our content calendar is using subtasks heavily and we wanted them to appear on the calendar so our automation multi-homes any subtask into the main project!

:dancing_women: the mass creator: our client needed to create hundreds of projects, all based on a template. We created a tool allowing them to simply paste a list of project names, and our tool took care of the rest!

:basketball: the ball drop detector: a client came to us with an unusual request “can we tell me which task did not receive a comment in the last 7 business days, and was it my team or the client who wrote last?”. We created the tool they needed :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow looking back at that list, I am so proud and happy we were able to build all of them! And this is only the beginning! Reach out if you are interested by any automation above.


Wow this is great!

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Well done!

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This is a truly impressive list!! I am totally interested in the following:
the subtask wizard: our content calendar is using subtasks heavily and we wanted them to appear on the calendar so our automation multi-homes any subtask into the main project!

Do you have any more info for this automation? Maybe a quick case study of it in action? We also rely heavily on subtasks and multi-homing. Thank you!!

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This is :fire:, especially the naming conventions. Good work @Bastien_Siebman.

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@Jenny_Scott I’ll reach out in private.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement!

I’d love to hear more about “The Calculator” that is such a pain point for my team and I’m looking at options. I figured the easiest option would be to run it all through Zapier or something, but as always the Trigger in Asana is the most complicated part!

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@Ian_Houser this service is described here Computed Fields on Tasks - #45 by Bastien_Siebman you can contact me by email bastien@ido-clarity.com to discuss details

I am impressed :smiley: