All Tasks have disappeared from all Boards across Projects

Hello, Today all of the Tasks disappeared from all of the Boards across all of our Projects for all or several (checking that) of the members of our group.

I can still see my tasks in My Tasks so I believe the Tasks are all still there.

I’m using Safari 10.1.2 from Yosemite. I’d prefer not to upgrade, but will do if need be.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Cheers Greig

Hi @Greig and sorry for the trouble! We have seen a few users reporting this issue, and they were all able to fix it by clearing their browser’s cache and cookies; can you give it a go too and let me know if that helps?

Our team is currently investigating the issue to understand what is causing the issue, but hopefully the tip above will help resolving the issue more quickly!

Hello Marie,
Thank you for reply. I have cleared the cookies and cache and problem continues.
I have downloaded Firefox and the problem disappears.
I would prefer to stick to Safari and I could try updating to Safari 11 on os High Sierra. But our team run on 2010/11 iMacs so would prefer not to.
Cheers Greig

Hello Marie,

Working from different iMacs today. The problem is definitely on Safari 10 on Yosemite. No problem on El Capitan or High Sierra.


Thanks for the follow-up @Greig, our team has released a fix which should be live in the next couple of days, so this issue should be resolved very soon! :slight_smile:

Hi Marie,

I am having a similar experience. I can see items that I’ve set a date on in the calendar but not in my list. I can click where my list should be and a task can be added but then disapears as soon as it is saved but if a date is selected it appears in my calendar.

I have tried clearing my cache and cookies with no luck and am running Asana through Google Chrome.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Hi @Natasha_Wears! I think the issue you’re experiencing is different. Quick question, do you have an assignee on your tasks? Tasks you create will only show-up in your My Task if they are assigned to you! I look forward to your reply!

All my tasks in my project “Vacation 2020” have disappeared. Not sure what other actual work projects have disappeared yet