All tasks and projects have disappeared from workspace

I am missing all of my tasks (over 100), completed tasks and projects in my primary workspace. I have over 12 projects. I don’t have the all the project names off the top of my head. Nothing shows up in Tasks I’ve created or favorites.

Go to your profile initials icon in the upper right-hand corner and make sure the workspace you had all of the tasks stored in, is “checked”. Chances are, you got onto another workspace.

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Hi @Jasmine.Powell and welcome to the Forum!

I agree with @Brenda, sounds like you might need to switch workspaces:

Let us know if that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you both. I have changed my workplace and I am still unable to access my projects and tasks. It seems like my account was reverted back to Jan 2019, before I build out all of my projects.


Thanks for the follow-up and so sorry for the trouble @Jasmine.Powell.

Our support team should be able to help you gain access to these projects again. For security reasons, we need you to write into support and provide any info you might have (ex: name of the Workspace or project you lost access to, rough day/time you lost access), anything you might have to help us identify these projects. I’ve liaised with our support team and my colleague Anthony will keep an eye out for your email so we can get this resolved as soon as possible.

Hope this helps Jasmine, keep us posted!