All Task on Mobile


I love the “My Task” tab on the mobile app, but is there a way to see All Task (even those assigned to others) on mobile?


Hi Daniel,

Yes there is.
Go to my Tasks overview.
Click on the search icon top right.
Type in the name of the colleague you want to see the tasks from.
Click on the icon with the three dots next to Add to Project.
Click on View tasks and there you go :slight_smile:


Thank you, Sebastian. That’s actually a cool trick.

The problem is that what I’m trying to figure out is how to see all delegated tasks by due date - I need to see all tasks that my entire team is working on today/this week. It’s just not practical to click on each team member.


Hey @daniel5, I recommend that you just create a search for all tasks (incomplete is recommended) that you can see. Then favorite the search. You should then have the ability to access the saved search on your app and can sort as usual =)


You are awesome, Caisha! Thank you so much!


Thanks, happy to help! =)