All calendars in one place


We are an interior design studio. We are new with Asana and trying to incorporate it into our daily life :).
For the moment we have started with the free version. We have different projects with different calendars and I can’t find a way to see all the calendars together in the same place. Each person is working on a different project with a different calendar and we need to see at a glance all the calendars of all the projects together to have a general overview of the resources and the dates.

How can I do this? I have seen old videos and it seems it has disappeared :frowning:

Many many many thanks!!

Hi @Carmen3, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

While there is no Organisation wide calendar, one of our Forum Leaders @Charlie_Pilch provided a great workaround here if using Asana Business: Calendar view for full organisation

That said, I’m going to move this post to #productfeedback so folks in the community can upvote it and so our developers can get a better look at the needs of our members :slight_smile:

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