Alerts when number of incomplete tasks drops to X?

Is there a way to receive alerts when the number of incomplete tasks assigned to a Guest drops to X?

For example, Guest has 7 tasks assigned. He completed six and has one to go. I would like to receive an alert so I can assign them more work and keep them busy.


Hi Mark and welcome on the forum. :raised_hand:

I don’t see an automated way based on a number (if “incomplete tasks drops to X”; then signal).

However, you could use Asana task dependencies to detect that a group of tasks is completed.

For example, create a task (or a milestone) and make it “blocked by” the 6 tasks mentionned in your example. And assign that task (or milestone) to you to be alerted.

I hope that could help, if not, don’t hesitate to ask another question.

Cheers :wink:


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