Aggregating tasks from multiple projects in a timeline?

I use projects to organise our communication campaigns. Each campaign is a project. Within each project, there is one or more tasks that has the channel-field in it, e.g. “Linkedin post”. These tasks mark the planned publication dates for contents.
I want to see all of these tasks from all projects in a calendar or timeline view, to get an overview on all planned posts. With portfolios, I assume that this is not possible (I don’t want to add all of these activities as milestones - too much administration).
Is there a way to do this in asana / or with an additional app?

Hey @Holger_Löbel,

have you tried the reporting feature already?

It is a premium feature that allows you to create graphs and reports by pulling data from other projects: Reporting • Asana

Now if you want to view all these tasks that have a special tag/custom field in one timeline/calendar view I suggest to add a 2nd project to these tasks.

For example you could call it “Communication campaign main dashboard” or something like that.

Then every task you need would be added to this dashboard and you have a detailed overview. So you basically multi-home every task.

Now to start this the best way is probably to use advanced search to filter all the tasks that have this special tag or custom field entry and then highlight all and add the new project to all the tasks in one go.

Let me know in case that does not help :slight_smile:

P.S. there is also an open thread in the feedback section: Timeline - view multiple projects together


Sounds good, thanks. Is there a way to automate assigning the tasks to that second project? We have a lot of such tasks, so this would be really cool.
The rule would be “if channel is not empty, then add to 2nd project”.

Hey @Holger_Löbel

yes this will work with an Asana Business account as with that you have an advanced rule function available.

See this screenshot for example which basically reflects what you are trying to achieve.
You set the rule for all entries in a custom field.
So if your options are “Ready For Review” and “Changes Needed” for example you can set up 2 triggers for this and then if sth is selected the task will be added to another project automatically.

fyi here are some more cool rules collected in a post by @Bastien_Siebman : The coolest Asana rules 😎

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Yeah, very close, thanks :slight_smile: It works for me… however - I use projekt templates that include task templates. These already carry the channel in the template. The trigger in the advanced rule just fires for a change of the channel, so it doesn’t fire when I generate a new project from the template. Is there an advanced way of adding also the tasks from the template-generated project into the timeline project?

Hey @Holger_Löbel hm yes true it is per project.
But you can also apply the rules for the template project.
And if you duplicate that template or you create a new project from a template where the template had rules it should copy over the rules as well, see Ways to save time in Asana | Product guide • Asana

Yes, that’s right and I already included it in my template. So I just need to assign the channel tag once after I pulled the project template, that’s ok. Thanks Andrea.

Yes that should work.

Try it out and let us know in case you run into any issues :slight_smile:

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