Agenda Meeting for Timeline


As we have meetings on a biweekly schedule we put the agenda of each meeting on the project. But in the new timeline view is there a way to easily have the items needed to check off that meetings agenda while also looking at the timeline.


Hi @adrian_cepeda,

When looking at a project via the new timeline view, you can click on a task to open it and see it’s details. From what I can tell, you cannot move the task detail pop-up window so that you can also view the timeline.

If you were to create a task and leave it unscheduled, it will remain at the bottom of your timeline view. You could then put your agenda items as subtasks or in the details section, and open and close the task detail view as needed. This would give you quick access to the timeline and unscheduled agenda task. That’s all I can think of for a hack.