Advice on how to create dynamic operational tasks

Hi, I need advice on how to go about creating what we call ‘operational tasks’ from a master list. Here is the case:
I am trying out Asana feature whether we can use Asana instead of an excel spreadsheet.
Our spreadsheet has ca 20 columns, 600 rows. Each row represents a task which is carried out annually, semi-annually or quarterly. The way we manage it on Excel is that we have columns for September, December, March and June. As you know, it’s easy to filter by any month to see how many tasks should be carried out in that quarter.

I can create the same view on Asana within a Project called ‘master list’. This list (tasks) nor the Project will never close. I wanted to create quarterly views from the master list which we call ‘operational view’ so December 2022, March 2023 and so on.

I wanted to dynamically create duplicate tasks using rules but Asana doesn’t have this feature. Manual duplication isn’t worth doing it. Excel use is easier.

Is there a way of dynamically create a subset of tasks from the master list every quarter?

Creating re-occuring tasks using dynamic due-date isn’t an option due to limitations on the date configurations. We work with terms like ‘monday following third friday’ or ‘thursday before first friday’ and so on.

If I use excel upload, then what do I gain from Asana.

I am wondering if it’s worth trying to move to Asana from excel in this case.

Any advice? Thanks


Asana is a work management application designed around helping you to carry out and keep track of operational tasks.

Excel is definitely not that!

I think there are many reasons why Asana is a better choice of app for your ongoing work management. You can learn more in all the Asana Work Management - Features, Uses & Product • Asana info.

Task creation is just one procedural aspect and, in my view, not the primary one to make a decision around, as mentioned above.

There are a few ways to handle the task creation step of your needs sufficiently in order to allow you to gain the benefits of using Asana year-long to manage the work.

It may be that using quarterly imports of the selected CSV rows is a good way to go. (I say “may” because I’ve only spent a few minutes reading and considering your request; I’m available, as are others, for consulting in more depth.) But that’s my first thought, because a) you already have a spreadsheet/CSV and Asana has a strong CSV importer that allows you to map columns, custom fields, etc., and b) the other features of Asana (rules, templates, etc.) may not align as well with your need as periodic CSV import.

Hope that’s of some value,