Advanced Search Reports not showing accurate data

I would like to run a report that tells me all the tasks completed within a date range.

So for example, each week I want to run a report on either the last 7 days, or within a specific date range.

I have two custom fields the team report on - Sold Hours and Actual Hours. The idea being the sold hours is what we have agreed with a client, the actual hours being how long it took someone to complete that task

I want to run a simple report with the following criteria, yet it is not delivering all the data:

Completed Tasks
Completed within Last 7 days
In Teams - Live Projects
Custom Field - Sold Hours - any value
Custom Field - Actual Hours - any value

The last two are to filter out any tasks team members create as reminders for themselves. I only want tasks we have quoted on

In theory this should result in a list of tasks that I would then select and see the totals for Sold Hours and Actual Hours

Yet the tasks returned are either incomplete - where some tasks were completed within the time period with actual and sold values but not listed, or tasks completed outside the timeframe are listed.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @DamianR and thank you for reaching out!

Sorry to hear you are running into this issue. I believe this might be related to the filter “Completed” (you need to make sure the number is not negative). But in order to understand this better, could you please share the screenshot of the steps followed to run the report?

Looking forward to your reply!