Advanced Search Multiple Selection


I wish the advanced search had a way to select field parameters that I wanted to receive results on. Instead of just:
Is Not
With Any Value
With No Value

Just a simple checkbox setup, so I can select multiple items within a custom field to show in the result.

Basically it seems like you could almost take what you have now and change it to the check boxes along with a select all, select none, and no value. There wouldn’t really be a need for IS or IS NOT, as the check boxes would handle that.

Just for example. I have multiple deliverables, some are essentially the same, but with tweaks, like:
Media Package (dirty)
Media Package (clean)
Media (b-roll/interviews)

I want all 3 of those to show up in 1 report. And I have other deliverables that work this same way. And I don’t want to use two custom fields.

Moreover, I have multiple deliverables that fall under different categories that aren’t related in their names, include a miscellaneous cat. Which may include 6-8 different deliverables. A checkbox would make this powerful.


Hi @Francesco_Alessi :wave:t3: and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us! I don’t believe we have planned to bring major changes to our Advanced Search in the next few weeks, but we will definitely take you feedback on board for future improvements!

Have a great Monday!



I second this request.
Multiple values search is really something important to make the reports really useful.