Advanced search for disengaged team members?

Hey there!
I have one member on my team who routinely ignores our Asana best practices.

For the purpose of this post, the ones that they should follow are:

  1. Thumbs up to anything that lands in their inbox as an acknowledgment of receipt.
    Example: “V1 has been approved for print prep. You’re good to finalize files!”
    Team member would then give thumbs up so that I know they’ve seen the message and it’s on their radar.

  2. Direct response to anything with an @ mention.
    Example: Hi @[Name]. It looks like the appeal code on the letter is wrong. Can you update it to…
    Team member would then respond via comment to confirm/determine next steps.

I am looking to create a saved search to help me identify tasks where I (project manager) have left a comment and have not received a thumbs up or comment in response.

I think I’ve gotten it worked out for the lack of comment, but am not sure how to add the element of the thumbs up.

Does anyone do anything like this for their teams?

You can do a custom search that searches if a specific user has left a thumbs up on a comment.

Search->advanced search->add filter->people-> liked by

Thanks for the reply @lr_josh!

The challenge is that they don’t like the comments.

I don’t suppose there’s a way to do “not liked by”?

Not in Advanced Search. I do see a semi-decent workaround:

  1. Search for all Tasks of interest
  2. Sort by Likes
  3. Scan by eye to see whether they have liked what they should (the Like marker shows up nicely in a Task list)

Save the above as a Report, of course.

BTW, I really like your workflow of expecting/requesting confirmation of updates. Great approach to closing the loop on actions.

Thank you @Stephanie_Oberg!
This certainly helps!!

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