🏗️ Advanced Project Architectures: The Funnel

Hi everyone :wave: and welcome to another video on how to use Asana with lots of practical examples!

My name is Sonja and I’m a Solutions Consultant here at Asana. This video highlights how you can build a more advanced project structure including a preliminary evaluation phase (The funnel).

Do you have a process where you need to evaluate requests/tasks before they potentially become a bigger body of work (becoming a project)? :thinking: If so, this video is for you!

:arrow_heading_down: If you have any feedback, questions or tips that you would like to share on this type of process, feel free to share these below! I would love to hear from you all! :open_hands:


I love this use case of turning tasks into a project, I believe it works like a charm in many cases!


I use this request triage that could create projects from tasks if needed.
Just note that the subtasks of the task will be converted to main tasks in the new project.
And that custom fields values will be carried over to the project if those fields are added to the portfolio the project is added to.


Great topic and really great video packed with information, @Sonja_Gusenbauer!

Another great use case for this workflow of interest to nonprofits is Grants/Funding Proposals.

The strength of this workflow is that the footprint in Asana never exceeds the need:

At the start, you have a potential need/idea/candidate/etc. for which you only need a lightweight workflow: one task.

If approved/won/hired/etc., then you may need a bigger footprint: a project. Options are to convert the task to a project, or perhaps in some workflows, just create a new project from a template, and multi-home the existing task into it, as a link back to that entity’s life while still in the funnel.

Very useful; thanks!!

And if one is having trouble deciding whether or not something fits in a task (with subtasks) or needs a project, see my workshop (done with the Asana Education team):




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