Administrator rights



Hey there Asana-Community,

We just started using this app. We created two different businesses for two different companies. One of them was founded by my colleague, the other one by me.

So here’s the question:
I can create teams in the business I created but not for the one the other person founded and vice versa. Is there any possibility to give admisitration rights to the other company members within the free version?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Kind regards


Hi @Lena_Mittelbach! Admins rights are actually a Premium feature (, so if you are in a free Organization, these should not be available to you or your colleague. That said, if you are both full members of each others Organization, you should have no problem creating Teams in each other Orgs. If the option is not available it might be due to the fact that you have added your colleague as Guest ( of your Organization rather than a full a member (and vice versa)! :slight_smile: