Administrative Reset/Disable for 2FA and Passwords Premium/Business tier

I’m here because this has had a direct adverse impact on our use of Asana here lately. I see where the ability to reset user passwords and 2FA settings is an Enterprise Level/cost additional feature. I can’t imagine I will be alone in thinking that’s a real problem. I do completely understand why Asana might adopt a tiered pricing model for special advanced features; and believe me when I tell you - if our small business could shoulder that cost, we would scoop up those sweet Enterprise features in a heartbeat.

But this seems like a very basic administrative task and we’ve recently lost some serious time to it’s absence. Managing team and application security shouldn’t be a cost-additional “extra”.

Last week when this happened, where a user validated by me was locked out for a problem with her 2FA setup, we waited 12 hours or more for a response. That’s a very bad look on you, Asana. Clearly your support team is very busy and from my own time supporting users, I know this is the kind of thing that needlessly consumes their time. This seems like low hanging fruit in an effort to recapture that time AND serve your customers better.

I want to take a minute to say that this is all true for us because we value Asana so much in our day-to-day work. So, really, thanks for an otherwise great product. It’s precisely because it is so great that this issue frustrates me so much.

Hi @Clark_Morgan1, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback, as well as the context around why this feature would benefit your company!

Although, our Product team don’t plan to offer 2FA and password reset to Basic, Premium or Business tiers at this time, we do hear and appreciate your feedback. For context, these features are available to Enterprise users as this subscription tier is catered to larger organizations that need additional security and control.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates on this in the future :slight_smile:

I completely agree with you, @Clark_Morgan1 . I’m running into this exact issue for an employee that got a new phone, and the authenticator app didn’t carry the 2FA records over.

@Rebecca_McGrath is the solution for these scenarios for non-Enterprise tiers to contact Support to have 2FA reset?

Hi @Kat_Clark, yes - you can contact our Support team if you’re having trouble with 2FA :slight_smile: