Admin access to the tag library

Each instance of Asana builds up a large volume of tags over time, with duplication an inevitable part of that as people in different teams and projects setup the same tag, with no knowledge of the duplication.

It would be incredibly useful to have admin or super-admin access to a central ‘tag library’, where all tags would be shown, potentially with other information such as which user created them, when they were created, which projects they are present in etc. This could be used to eliminate duplication, use a consolidated tag strategy, and maintain a body of ‘approved’ tags for use by all teams in the instance.

From prior conversations with support staff, it appears that a tag library does exist for each instance, but that there is no customer-side access to this.

Any chance this can be made possible please?

Hi @Adam_Bennett and welcome to the forum,

FYI I moved your post to the Product Feedback forum section to people (including you!) can vote for it.

Also FYI, if you haven’t seen it yet, please see this tool for viewing all of your organization’s tags:

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Thanks very much Phil!