Adjust the Timeline display

My company was looking to use the timeline function as a calendar for our service engineers. Our thought was we could eliminate our large paper calendar and replace it with a TV, which would then display the timeline 24/7. We organized it so every engineer was a section, so on the timeline they were separated by their individual calendar as well. Once we put the timeline onto the TV we noticed that it was very difficult to look at due the white back ground. Is there any chance we can add the ability to adjust the display settings for the timeline? I have plans to get a larger TV as well, but the white background is just too bright and it’d be nice if we could bold the text or something.

I should mention also that our current calendar is more similar to the timeline display, rather than the calendar in Asana. Also, the timeline for our intended purpose fits better with the engineers scheduling.

Dirty trick while waiting for a real answer: find a geek around you to just change the color by inspecting the webpage using Google Chrome dev tool. If you let the page opened, it probably just need to do it once in a while :slight_smile:
PS: this is very easy to do even if you are not a geek!
PS2: I am a geek, I say “geek” in a friendly manner

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Wow! Yeah that was easy. Do you know is it easy to make the text larger using this same tool in Chrome?

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Never mind, I figured it out. This will definitely work as a temporary fix for sure.


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Cool :slight_smile: #geekruletheworld