Adjust notifications for team or turn off globally


can anyone point to an article that shows how to turn off all email notifications. no one on the team wants reminders in our inboxes.


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@David31 welcome to the community…

Here is the guide article…

Hope this helps…


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hi jason

so this article just tells me how to turn off my own email notifications. does it go through how to turn off the team as a whole? is this actually an option?


I’d guess this is left with every team member to decide. @Marie can you confirm?
Do you wish to do this to prevent new members to get too many emails as soon as they onboard?

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Hi @David31; only users can enable/disable email notification for their own account, this is not something you can do on their behalf I’m afraid!

Let is know if you have any follow-up questions!


nope that’s all i needed to confirm. thanks a bunch.