Adjust Custom field/Tag/Project field width sizes in task list

Also, do you know how to get the lines in between columns like this guide:
I will try to get some help from tech support on this. Thanks!

Ah, so I said, I’m brand new to custom fields…I’m now understanding that this is a brand new feature which is just rolling out. I’ll definitely be waiting for this new LIST VIEW column design!

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Yes indeed, there is a new design being rolled out!

It is virtually unusable now because you can only see 5 characters of your custom field. Very silly problem, the extra-wide Task name column takes up 75% of the space but is mostly blank, then you try to cram 5 custom fields into the remaining 25%.

When is the new design coming? Can you please bump my site to the top of the upgrade list?

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I see that the new List Grid View update ( now includes in each column menu a toggle “Expand Column Width” / “Shrink Column Width” (that is not yet documented in that page).

It’s better than nothing but inflexible otherwise and for a Project column, each project name is still truncated for me, and I can’t see all projects either so it’s of limited use.

I was hoping for more of the functionality in my:



Just curious what the reason is for Asana no addressing the seemingly simple issue of adjusting column width. Is there some particularly challenging aspect about making that available users, or is it just not something Asana is going to do?

If it’s the former then please provide some idea of how long it might be before it is addressed.

If it’s the latter please let us know so we can move on.

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Column resizing is coming with the new list layout redesign, see dedicated discussion about the topic!

With the new List View, you can now resize columns! Simply click on the little arrow next to the title of the columns you’re looking to resize, and select “Expand/Shrink Column width”


We’re also looking into improving this feature by allowing you to “drag to resize”. At the moment I’m not able to share a precise timeline for this next update, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I do :slight_smile:


Hi everyone :wave: I’m excited to reopen this thread to let you know we’ve shipped a new “drag and drop” solution to help you resize your columns in List project.

We know the ability to resize columns was you biggest feedback when we first rolled out our new List view, and while we were able to quickly roll out a first solution, we were eager to improve it to offer you a better experience, so there we are!
This update will be particularly useful if:

  • You’re a heavy Tag user: extending your Tag columns to see more tags at a glance

  • You feel some data feels too far away from task names: resizing your column will allow you to reduce this white gap and make things easier on your eyes!

  • Or if you’re simply looking to get more control and see more info without scrolling through columns

To learn more about this new update, have a look at our brand new Guide article, and let us know if you have any questions!

We hope you enjoy this new update and we look forward to your feedback!


So great, thanks for listening!

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We’ve been on the verge to rolling out Asana within our startup, when we saw that the columns couldn’t be resized - which was a big thing for us. When trying to check whether Asana is really looking at customer feedback and staying agile in product dev, we are more than happy to see this customer feedback being included that fast! We’re very happy with opting for Asana instead of :slight_smile:

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