Additional space at bottom of projects

When I start filling out a project with tasks and I get to the bottom I cannot scroll down any further. These means I have to keep my eye line at the bottom of my screen as I add additional tasks/sections. I feel it would improve the user experience for me if there was additional empty space at the bottom of most screens so I can bring whatever I am working on to the center of my monitor.

I have created a workaround for this by creating a ‘spacer’ section with several tasks titled ‘spacer’. This allows me the flexibility to keep my work in front of me instead of having to look down.

Did you encounter such a space in other tools? Just curious, I don’t pay attention to this particular thing.

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This is usually not an issue in other apps and other tools I am using as I am usually just reading or I can center the work like in photo editing or drawing tools. I feel this is where it helps in word and excel documents or it is easy to make space below do move your work up. Word has the margins so you’re never looking at the absolute bottom of your screen. Excel can basically endlessly scroll so you can move your work wherever you want.

This is what the bottom of my Asana looks like now even with the window maximized. The UI is cut off at the bottom. It is also bad when I change the window size as I often lose access to other parts of the UI without being able to scroll to the buttons I want to see.