Additional Project Level Status Options


Is it also possible to add to the list a project status for ‘On Hold’ and a status for ‘Not Started’ We have multiple portfolios running with multiple projects and some of these have either not commenced or get parked for various reasons. During our weekly reviews, it would be nice to see this status along with the status comments . thanks



Hi @Liz_Shepherd

One way to do this would be if you had a Business subscription and could access Portfolios. This allows you to add a custom field at the project level, so you could have a drop-down with more options.

A workaround might be to put the drop-down custom field in a ‘Status’ task at the top of every project. You’d then be able to build advanced search reports for projects with each status.

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@Liz_Shepherd, If you’re not on the Asana Business level plan, you could consider Asana2Go (Disclosure: I’m the creator). It would allow you to group your projects and use the additional statuses and comments for your weekly reviews. See:

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