Additional considerations for Highlights within a Status Update

The newly redesigned Staus is an excellent upgrade, but I would love to see additional Highlights that could be pulled in to any Status Update.

Who thinks it would be useful to also pull in tasks, milestones, or approvals that meet the following criteria?

a) started - to show the new work that began within the time range selected
b) created - to show the new work that was discovered within the time range selected
c) modified - to show where there is active progress via modifications to description or comments

If you feel this addition would keep stakeholders/colleagues more informed as a project evolves, please take the time to upvote this suggestion. I love how easy it is to “report in” using Asana. This gives my team and others a collaborative space to engage and plan. Enhancing the Status a bit further will allow users to “report out” with ease. Ultimately inviting Asana to be where the source of truth resides.

Thank you @Jerod_Hillard! I don’t think this is something our team is planning to implement in the near term but I’ve made a note for them to take it into consideration. I’ll make sure to update this task once I have an update!

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