Adding to multiple columns in board view

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I used to be able to add one task to multiple columns within the same project in board view. now when I try to do that the drop down changes to “multiple columns” but I cannot select multiple columns. it displays multiple columns then changes back to the original column with no choice to select multiple or with an added second project below it

Steps to reproduce:
Add to project
Select/type same project the task is in

Browser version:
Safari 15.2

Upload screenshots below:

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I am not aware that this exists. As far as I know a task can only be added to one section within a project. You cannot add it to more sections within the same project.
Now if you have subtasks and you add them to the project as well then you can add a subtask to another section.
And you can add a task to various projects.

Here is a product feedback request that seems to be about what you are looking for.

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I agree with Andrea, this feature never existed.

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