Adding Task Owners without E-mail


I sometimes track tasks that are being worked by other teams or external individuals who may not want to use Asana, or who I may not want to get an e-mail invite and all of the updates and whatnot. I think it would be great if I could assign tasks on my board to “Bob Smith” without requiring his e-mail or “Web Team” without requiring a specific individual, just so I can visually track work being done, without being forced to somehow involve them in the Asana board.


A couple of options here that may or not help.

If you are using a Gmail Account you maybe able to use the alias facility to create an Alias for yourself as ‘Bob Smith’ and login as that. Or actually create an account using Gmail to cover for this and invite them as guests.

Or have a custom field that has these individuals in there and you assign the work either to No One or to yourself and then have a advanced search that using this field to identify who is assigned what.

Hope this helps.



Jason, appreciate the advice. We don’t use gmail, we use Microsoft Exchange. And while your work around would absolutely work, I would prefer not to have to create a bunch of ghost e-mail accounts if I could avoid it. But that would definitely work in the interim. Thanks!