Adding tags: existing tags don't show




Just got acquainted with your brilliant product. I’ve created several tags for task lengths: (Time: <15 mins, Time: <30 mins etc.) but when I tried to add these tags to new tasks, only two show up as suggestions, or “create a new task”:

Even if I type out a tag completely, it still doesn’t show up:

Above: I have definitely created “Time: <1 hour” and it is not recognised at all.

This doesn’t appear to be an issue on Android, where all tags show up.

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything.


I meant “new tag” (can’t see how to edit my posts on this forum).

Update: Now no previously-created tags show up! Although I’ve found a temporary workaround: Star the tags and add them via “add to project”. But please look into this


Is this still happening for you. I couldn’t duplicate the issue.