Adding STANDARD fields to the view

It will be great if we can add STANDARD fields to the view. For example, I want to see the Due Date on the view, but I can’t . I have to create a duplicate Due Date field to do that. It seems strange that I am able to add custom but not standard fields.

Hi @JavierHSAP and welcome to the Forum!

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, we really appreciate it! Just to be sure we’re getting this one right, could you let us know which view you’re referring ti when you say:

If you have a screenshot to illustrate your feedback it could be super handy too! Looking forward ot your reply :slight_smile:

Thanks Marie for replying. I meant on the default view for List-View projects. I then realized that while it does not haves a title, if you select a due date, it does show on the view. That said, it won’t let you re-arrange it on the fields list. Is like standard fields are fixed, you cannot change their position on the list view. screen