Adding Set Date Ranges to Dependencies

Is there a way to assign a certain number of days to a dependent task in Asana timeline view? For example, if one task is dependent on another, but there needs to be two days in between them, is there a way to denote that in dependencies? Right now, I have it set to auto-adjust dates, but the time interval in between the tasks is not reflected when the dates shift.

Hi Elena,

No you can’t :frowning:
You can multi-select the task you want to move and it will keep the interval between them, but I agree this is not what you are looking for.


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Hi @Elena_DeAngelis,

FYI Flowsana’s Dynamic Dependency workflow type incldues this capability (it’'s called Lag Time - the number of days/weeks/months between two dependent tasks). It does a lot more than just this, and it might be more than you need for your use case, but I wanted to mention it.

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