Adding Projects to Dashboard


On one hand it is so awesome to see that you guys make updates to improve the way Asana works. But it is a bit frustrating when you all change things that already work fine.

Adding projects to the Dashboard is getting annoying. IMO, it was working perfectly fine when you could click the three dots on a Project page and select Add to Dashboard. Then you removed it. :frowning:

It was then moved to the Progress Tab and became a button that said ‘Add to Dashboard’. This wasn’t too bad and still felt somewhat efficient so I didn’t have to leave the Project page to add it to the dashboard. Just as I was getting used to it, you removed it! :frowning:

Why have you done this to me? Did you move this somewhere else or is the only way to add a project to the dashboard from the dashboard?


I am so frustrated with this as well! Please, ASANA bring this back!


This is very frustrating - please bring back the option to add to your dashboard when setting up the initial project under the “…” option.


I agree! Are the people that are making these changes actually using the program?


Agreed. Our team was very comfortable with this feature being on the progress tab. Now we have to click into dashboard and add it manually which slows us down when we each have 40 projects to open and track. Please add it back.


You can still do that via Dashboard itself, it does require typing project name though.


I don’t understand the logic either… There should be somewhere to click when in a projet to add it to the dashbord.