Adding people to task without notifying?


I need to plan out a bunch of asana tasks and add people to each task and subtasks. However, is there a way to add specific people to each task without notifying them until I am 100% sure about the tasks and who should be responsible for them? i.e. create a board with tasks and people without notification until I decide it is time to notify people.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @SangLee, apologies for the delayed response here! When you add someone to a task they will automatically receive an Inbox notification within Asana, as well an email notification if they have them turned on too. It not possible to prevent this I’m afraid.

In your case though, what I would recommend is that you simply build out your project first without adding people to the tasks. You could also perhaps add a note to the task description indicating the person(s) that you may like to add to the task. Once you are happy with your project, and are sure about who should be responsible for the tasks therein, you can then add people as needed. I appreciate this might not be exactly what you are looking, but I hope it might help :slight_smile: