Adding new users - return prior functionality


When I started using Asana several years ago and wanted to add a new person to our account, it gave the option to add a person’s Firstname and Lastname in one field and their email address in another.

Several months ago, I noticed that the ability to add First and Last names was removed. Now, I can only add a person’s email address.

The problem with that is that now any new user shows up in the system as the characters in their email address prior to the “@” sign. I.e., grantm instead of their full name i.e., Grant Madsen, which is how it use to work. It was also clearer to everyone and made it easier to find them when @ tasking them.

I realize the new user can go in and update their profile, but getting them to do so requires me to explain this to them. We’re a large company so sometimes I don’t ever see them in person after they’re added. And tasking them to do it themselves is an extra step I now need to take to get their name to properly show in the system.

Can you please go back to the way you had it (i.e., the two fields, one with the users’ name and the other with their email address)?


I totally agree with you!
We used to set up first and last name properly when inviting users then they did not have to fix it later. It is mainly interesting as, in French, we do have some accents on letters, but not in email addresses, then typing “Éric” for example will not retreive the user "" (Éric without accent). So I would like to get this feature back as well
Many thanks


@Grant_Madsen can you change this post category to Trick, then people can vote on your suggestion?


Hi @Grant_Madsen and @Sebastien_Levesque :wave:t3: and thanks for your feedback!

The behaviour you’re describing is true when inviting new users via the Quick-Add button. However, if you add new users following the path below, you should be able to input their name along with their email address!

  1. Click on your profile picture
  2. Select Workspace/Organization Settings
  3. Navigate to the 'Member" tab

Either way, I have move your post to the #productfeedback category to allow you and other members to vote for this feature to be re-implemented globally!


Hi Marie. I followed the path you suggested and the option to add names is no longer there, similar to how it was removed in the Quick-Add feature. Only have the option to add email addresses.


HI @Marie, I don’T have it neither.
Only option within my “Organization setting” is “General” and “Billing”.
Anyway, when I ad a user, I prefer adding through a team instead at the organization level. Then I make sure I have all of the users in my "Asana Global " team, where I can communicate to all of the users in this team.
Thank you for having moved the post. Regards


Thank you both for following-up and sorry for the confusion! Looks like I don’t have this option either in an Organization; so let’s keep this feedback thread open so other members can upvote it. Hopefully this is something we can re-implement in the future!