Adding new sub-goals not possible

I added a few company and team goals. For each team goal (as objective) we added a few sub-goals (as key results). From one day to the other I cannot add any new sub-goals anymore. It only enables me to link tasks to it but not to create further sub-goals (key results for the OKR method).

Is the amount of sub-goal limited? I deleted another one but still it doesnt work.
I am an admin.


I have the exact same issue with myself and team members. We are on different networks in different parts of the country.

Same here. Noticed you can no longer add subgoals if you are creating a new one. You have to go back to the goals screen, create one and add to parent. My team have stopped adding subgoals due to this bug.

It works again! :slight_smile:

It’s working again.