Adding multiple Followers to Tasks at the same time

Hey @Peter7, thank you so much for this great question and for providing extra context on why this would be beneficial to your workflow.

I am afraid that this is not currently possible and Followers would have to be added one by one, however we already have an existing thread with the same request. I have merged them together to allow for more people to easily find this request, please feel to leave a vote on it.

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+1 for this feature. It is often the case where we need to add an entire team as a follower to a task.

:cool: Idea

+1 for this feature
I understand the logic of only being able to assign a task to a single person (even though a task might require a team) but it should be possible to add a team for follow a task. The fact that you can have multiple followers already implies that more than one person needs to be updated on a task, so its obvious that adding a team should be possible

This would be a huge help - agreed this feature is a must.

Ta ta ta todayyy asana implement this already

@Edda why does Asana still wait? It must be super easy for you. Asana will win a lot of hearts. Now, those hearts are broken.

I really would like to see this feature too. I don’t understand why it is so difficult for ASANA to implement. I have been reading several other threads recently about requests that are seemingly simple to implement (such as preventing team members from changing due dates) and the response is always “ASANA is onto it” but that response continues for a couple of years with no progress made. Am beginning to get quite disillusioned with the ASANA. Listen to your customers please!

Currently you can assign one task to several people, if you have a task you want to assign to 10 persons, then the system copies 10 similar tasks and assign to all 10 people which is not the way it should be.

I still believe the best way should be that the system will only link the task (not copy) to all 10 people, as we link a task to different projects as it works today in Asana, it should never copy 10 new tasks.