Adding items to My Tasks

Is there a way to ensure that when I add an item to My Tasks (both desktop and mobile), that the new item is placed at the top of the list? Currently, the item seems to get placed randomly in the middle of the list.

Hello @DavidWS,
when creating tasks, they will automatically appear at the top of My Task page under a section that is auto generated called ‘New Tasks’. The tasks will appear at top of the list in the order you created them. Couple of reasons that they are appearing random:

  1. If you have given the tasks due dates, they will arrange in chronological order; or,
  2. If you added tasks on the mobile and you were offline, went to the browser and created others, the browser ones will appear first until your mobile is connected again.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks but when I am in the My Tasks view, and I click on Add Task, it does get created in New Tasks, but not at the top of the list (even when I don’t have a due date). And again, the new task gets placed somewhere in the middle of the list, rather than at the top. Any idea why it is not behaving the way you are experiencing?

Hey @DavidWS, that sounds very odd I am sorry for the hassle!

Could you please provide me with the exact steps you are taking when creating new Tasks through your My Tasks? E.g. are you clicking on “Add Tasks” or rather hitting Enter after working on another Task?

Furthermore, could you please let me know if you have currently sorted your My Tasks View by anything other than “None”?

I am looking forward to your answer!