Adding historical notes to a new request/form

Is there a way to add a notes database to a task or form submission? In other words, if we get a request to do work by way of a form submission, is there a way to a automatically attach notes from a database maintained in asana on that task? In other words, if a form submission came in for customer X, can we see detailed notes about the work we have done for customer X in the past?


Not natively with Asana. What we do at my company is that we automated Asana in many ways, one of those ways was to have information copied from a main task to other tasks. Reminds me of this. Anyway, I believe you’ll need custom automation for this use case, let me know if you want to discuss specifics!

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A more “Asana-thinking” way to consider your request could be to have a project called Customer X and multi-home (add to project) each form submission/task for Customer X to that project.

The Customer X project then serves as a kind of basic CRM; all the history of work for Customer X is found there, so when you want to see the history, just click on the Customer X project pill found either in the Projects column in List View or the Task Detail right-pane area near Projects.

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