Adding Global Public Holidays to a Content Calendar

Does anyone know if there is a way to import or sync public holidays to Asana? We want to have them show up in our content calendar so we know not to send emails etc out on those days. As a global team it is hard/impossible to remember who has what holidays when.

Hi @Stuart_Matthewman and welcome to the Forum :tada:

As it stands, there is no built-in solution to automatically import public holidays in your calendar, but what you could do is manually create a task for each bank holiday in your project (for example, you could have a task called Christmas day with a due date set to Dec 25).

And if you haven’t yet, I would highly encourage you to add your vote to this thread from our #productfeedback category :slight_smile:

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Hi Marie … thanks for the speedy response. Had a look at that request this involves people adding in holidays, what I am looking for is the ability to be able to bring calendars in like you can in Outlook or other email applications. Sounds like this isn’t available either, so should I add that to the product feedback category as a seperate item?

Of course @Stuart_Matthewman, feel free to create a separate feedback!