Adding Functionality to Right Clicks on Tasks

One thing that Todoist does well is that right-clicking on tasks brings up a menu of options. Right now in Asana, right-clicking brings up the standard browser options, but I think that seeing Asana-specific options, like: Make a Subtask, Delete, Rename, add to another project, etc would be really cool to see. Right now you can definitely drill into a task to make these edits, but I think adding right-clicking functionality would help shave some seconds and eliminate additional steps/clicks.


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Hi @Jay_Tungpalan and welcome to the Forum!

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us! We really appreciate it. I’ll make sure to keep you posted in this thread if I have any update on this topic!

Have a great day :slight_smile:

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Really find myself missing this. I use not only Todoist, but I’ve played around with many of the nocode stuff that Asana may lose some customers to like Notion, Coda, Airtable, and they all rely heavily on this. Big competitors ClickUp and Wrike also use extensively. It is a real time saver. I would imaging it’s on your guys’ radar, would be grateful for some insights as to whether I’m right or not. Currently trialing Asana in fact, and if I knew if was coming even in a year I’d be very pleased!