Adding documents or notes to a project

Can anyone advise of any way to add like documents or notes to a project at all?

I see on the project overview, you can add a brief but it seems to only allow you to add one doc here.

Trying not to have to rely on Google Drive folders with umpteen documents that are linked to from the project if I can help it.

Hi @zigojacko

In the Overview you can add many documents. Just keep clicking the + button.

For notes, you can use the Messages tab or create a Section called Notes

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After I have created one document in the brief section on the overview, when I click on the + button, I just get options to attach a file or include a link (see below) - it doesn’t seem to let me create any more docs here.


I wondered about being able to utilise the ‘Messages’ section more for this so will explore this further.

When you say create a section called notes, do you mean like a section in the task list and then use the tasks as different notes? (Which won’t work for our use case).

So you can create only one brief, but attach many docs. Curious as to the use case for more than one brief on a project? If you have supporting docs to your brief, attach them. The brief section can have a plethora of information in it including videos and charts.

Section for notes. Yes. Some clients use a section for Notes or Meeting Notes to keep a running list rather than the Messages tab.

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I don’t want to attach docs from other providers - that was my point.

I don’t need to create multiple briefs, just create the same kind of docs in Asana that was labelled as a brief. I don’t see why they would restrict this to just one and then make you link stuff from Google Drive or Dropbox etc. I was hoping to have it fully manageable and editable from within Asana.

For example, for a social media marketing project for a particular client, we have several docs that are periodically updated such as ‘Social Media Strategy & Workflow’, ‘Social Media Content Policy’, ‘Social Media Instagram Strategy’ (etc) and it’s not very effective to try and put all this in one ‘brief’ here (of course, if we need to manage the documentation externally and link it into the Asana project, then we will, but it seems to defeat the purpose of Asana).

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t see a restriction to just one. I can click on the + and add files from my computer or link or the resources you mentioned.

Are you wanting to attach live docs? That is, instead of a brief, you see your doc instead that you can edit from within Asana?

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Yes but this attaches external documents instead of multiple docs in Asana.

Sorry. not sure what you mean. I attached a Google Doc and it just attaches as an external document which when clicked, redirects me to the document in Google Drive.

Are you asking for a live edit within Asana on external documents?

No - I’m asking for exactly the same functionality as creating the project brief but multiple times…

Then as previously stated, you have one project brief section.

Yes sure, I understood from before, that’s what I was referring to when I said about it being limited to one - that’s a shame, it would be useful to create others here.

We’ll have to attach documents from our file sharing systems (which means ensuring all permissions are set accordingly) unless we can’t find a way of utilising the messages feature.

Thanks for your help.

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