Adding Dates to Tasks in Instagannt

Hi all,
I use Instagannt with Asana to generate a Gannt. Is there any way to add a due date to each task name? Otherwise I need to scroll up to the calendar timeline to figure out the dates…

The Instagantt view should allow you to see the date fields as a column option. Do you not see that? (Sorry, not currently able to use Instagantt, so I can’t show an example.)

I very much doubt there’s an easy, native way to add the due date to the task name, and would also recommend that you avoid doing so, as it could cause more problems. (For one thing, whenever the date changes, you need to make sure the task name immediately updates.)

Thanks for your response, yes I see the dates on the columns on the left. I was wondering if it would be possible to integrate directly on the task bar so that we don’t need to trace the line back to the left column, but looks like this is much more complicated!