Adding collaborators when creating a task in mobile

Hi All!

Is there way to add collaborators on the app when you create the task? Currently I am having to create the task, then once it’s created go back and add a collaborator. It would be nice if you can add a collaborator right when you make the task.

Hi @Arsalan_Al_Hashimi. If you’re referring to the mobile app, there is! In order to add collaborators when creating a new task in the mobile app, just at mention the people that you’d like to add as collaborators. When they’re at mentioned, they will appear in the task description, but they’ll also appear as collaborators on the task.

Hey Alexis,

Thank you! That definitely helps but it would be helpful if you have a selection for it to just someone as a collaborator rather than mentioning them. Because sometimes you just want someone to be a collaborator and they don’t really need to be mentioned or addressed in the task. Just like the website app I guess.


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